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Our Lady Of Enchantment is the world's largest public school of Wicca and the Magical Arts. For over two decades our courses and classes have helped thousands of people achieve their innermost desires as they learn how to raise their spiritual consciousness.

We've moved the school to California.  Please note our new address:

Our Lady of Enchantment

P.O. Box 3344

Clearlake, CA  95422

(707) 994-1359

Please send all inquiries, lessons, and correspondence to the above address.  

At the present time we have over 25,000 students in more than 32 different countries because we offer a wide variety of home study courses and special degree programs. This web page will introduce you to our curriculum and explain our tuition payment plans. If you should have any questions or need help in choosing a course or degree program please call or send e-mail to LadyS1366@aol.com.

We realize that not everyone who would like to visit or study here is able to do so. For this reason we have made all of our classes and programs available through our home study courses. As a mail-order student you receive the exact same lesson material that we use in our class room instruction. You are also assigned a personal instructor who will work with you and answer your questions. No other mail-order course offers you both a Church & School were you may visit or the personal instruction we do.

The really wonderful thing about all of our courses is that they are complete. Rather than having to pick up bits and pieces of information from uncertain sources, serious students are presented with easy to read lessons, competent teachers and reliable sources for ritual and magical work.