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The Wiccan Religious Arts and Science Degree: Priesthood Degree Certification and Ministerial Credentials Program

Whether you plan to practice the Craft alone or with a group, this program will allow you to grow at your own pace while you earn credits for the Wiccan Priesthood and Legal Ministerial Credentials.

This program is complete and will teach you everything you need to know about Witchcraft and Magick, right in the privacy of your own home.

This is the only complete Wiccan Religious Arts and Science program available anywhere that provides Legal Ministerial Credentials and Priesthood Certification without the political necessity of joining a Coven or making a commitment to any particular Wiccan or Magickal tradition.

The credentials degree program is designed for the serious individual who is interested in creating their own spiritual tradition, obtaining legal ministerial credentials and priesthood certification.  For those who wish to take our courses for their knowledge content only, a Certificate of Completion is issued with each course finished.  However, for those wishing certification in the Wiccan Religious Arts, and their legal ministerial credentials, the Priesthood Program must be completed according to the school's specifications.  Completion of this program certifies the student as a legal Wiccan Minister.

Priesthood Program Requirements:

  1. Earth, Religion and Power
  2. Metaphysics
  3. Spellcrafting and Natural Magic
  4. The Wiccan Religion (Workbook)
  5. The Wiccan Ministry (Workbook)
  6. Lesson Plan Kit
  7. Final Test

Again, you may take any of our courses for their information content only and still receive a certificate of completion.  The above program is only for those serious students who wish to obtain legal credentials.  If you have any questions about the program, please call or send e-mail to

Description of the Materials

The courses Earth, Religion and Power, Metaphysics and Spellcrafting and Natural Magic are described on their own individual pages on this web site.

Workbook One, The Wiccan Tradition, will help you access your full potential and aid in the creation of your won spiritual tradition.  Fundamental Beliefs, Sacred Scripture and Drawing Down the Moon are fully explained.  The phases of the God and Goddess, along with selected deities, are individually addressed.  In-depth description of Sacred Space, Sacraments, and Sabbat Rites are included along with full ritual text.  Detailed charts, stimulating exercises, thought-provoking projects, blank note and research space not only make this book unique, but also provide you with essential guidelines for continued spiritual growth.

Workbook Two, The Wiccan Ministry, will help you structure and organize your beliefs into an effective Wiccan tradition.  This book is especially valuable for those wishing to start their own Coven.  Everything you need to begin is right between the covers of this one-of-a-kind manual.  It provides valuable information on advertising techniques, scheduling Esbats and Sabbats, and organizing and running study groups.  The Wiccan Ministry is packed with essential insights, real-life examples, creative writing exercises, and personal worksheets.  Once you have completed this workbook, you will have created your own Spiritual Tradition and be able to effectively run a working Wiccan Coven.

The Wiccan Tradition and The Wiccan Ministry are both included in the Priesthood program along with a quality school binder and a set of challenging assignments.  This is the most complete home study course available on the Wiccan religion and the fundamental concepts of ritual magic.  Best of all, the information contained in our courses is non-technical and general purpose, and can therefore be combined with your present ideas as well as with the teachings of other spiritual traditions.  Enroll today.  Begin the adventure of a lifetime as a member of the Wiccan religion -- the fastest growing spiritual philosophy in the country.

Tuition and Payment Plans for This Set of Courses

Payment Plan 1:

Payment in full entitles you to a 10% discount on the total program cost.  When you pay in full, all of your lesson materials are shipped in one package; this saves you the postal delays of single lesson shipments.  For your payment in full, you receive the entire set of courses: Earth, Religion and Power; Metaphysics; and Spellcrafting.  In addition, you receive your Lesson Plan kit, the two workbooks (The Wiccan Ministry and The Wiccan Religion), and a school binder with lesson plans and student guidelines.  Please understand, the cost of this course of study includes your teachers' personal time and help.

Price Schedule:

    Degree Registration Fee        $  75

    Earth, Religion & Power          $128

    Metaphysics                              $120

    Spellcrafting                              $120

    Lesson Plan Kit                        $100

    Two workbooks                        $  78

    Final Test Fee                          $  50

    Shipping & Handling                $ 15


    Total Course Cost                    $686

    Less 10% discount                   $  68.60


    Total for payment in full            $617.40


Payment Plan 2:

To use this time payment plan, please enclose your enrollment fee of $75.  This includes your enrollment in the Wiccan Religious Arts & Science Degree Program ($25) and your registration fees for each of the three courses (Earth, Religion & Power, Metaphysics One, and Spellcrafting).  You will then make eight easy payments in the amount of $85.75.  These payments cover your lesson materials and a portion of the Lesson Plan Kit and Final Test fee.  With each payment, you receive two or more lessons..  The nice thing about this payment plan is that each time you make a payment, a portion of the payment is applied to your lesson plan kit, workbooks, and final test fee.  When your final payment has been made, your lesson plan kit and books will be shipped.  There are no other charges.

Payment Plan 3:

Please call or send e-mail to for details on the Extended Payment Plan.


Payments and registrations for this course of study can be made on-line, or by mail (please note the new address) to:

Our Lady of Enchantment

PO Box 3344

Clearlake, CA 95422

Be sure to include your name, full mailing address, and information about your previous magickal training and religious study.

Our Lady of Enchantment is recognized by both State and Federal Governments as a Church, School, and Non-Profit Organization.  All credentials are legal, and all tuition payments are tax deductible.