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Basic Wicca Home Study Course

This course will give you a basic foundation and understanding in the principles of the Wiccan Religion. It will introduce you to the fundamental practices of magic which will bring you into harmony with the forces of nature. This course covers all the necessary information needed to begin practicing Wicca.
Lesson One: History, Myth & Legend, covers the background of Wicca, precepts, beliefs and basic philosophy. Included is a complete section of Gods and Goddesses along with their correspondences and attributes. Principles of the Wiccan faith are discussed and a complete dedication ritual is included.
Lesson Two: Meditation & Energy Centers, teaches the finer points of meditation. There is a section which teaches you about the Chakras (energy centers) and how to balance them for more energy and power. Also covered are the techniques needed to contact your spirit guide for daily help and blessings.
Lesson Three: The Tools of Wicca, will introduce you the all of the major magical tools used in both the religious as well as magical workings of the Craft. Included is a complete Consecration Ritual to magically prepare your tools. Also covered are the Four Cornerstones of Magic and the phases of the Moon.
Lesson Four: Basic Ritual and Practice, teaches you how to properly conduct a Wiccan ritual. The section on creating sacred space walks you through the consecration, casting the magical circle, calling in the Guardians and taking down or banishing magical space. There is a complete Full Moon Ritual included in this lesson for you to do alone or with friends.
Lesson Five: Candle Magic and Power Symbols, will introduce you to the world of candle magic. You will learn how to properly dress and charge a working candle; learn the proper burning time frames for the different colors and use of figure candles. This lesson includes a comprehensive section on symbols, their meaning and most importantly their use in ritual and daily life.
Lesson Six: Ritual and Sympathetic Magic, here you will learn the basic fundamentals of working magic. Full time is devoted to sympathetic magic as it is with the proper way to approach ritual. There is a group Full Moon ritual included along with learning to use Words of Power and working spell-crafting in conjunction with the phases of the moon.
Lesson Seven: Natural Magic, this lesson deals with herbs and how they can be used to boost your magical power. Learn to use herbs in your daily life to help obtain the things you need and want. There is a section on Talismans and Amulets and how to make them and work with them for personal success.
Lesson Eight: Divination, everything you ever wanted to know about looking into the future is contained in this lesson. Learn how to read tea leaves, use the I Ching, do Tarot readings, scry with a crystal ball, use Astrology and much - much more.


Payment in Full

Registration Fee.....................$15.00
Tuition 8 lessons....................128.00
Total course cost..................$143.00

Time Payment Plan

Registration Fee.....................$15.00
Tuition for each lesson............16.00
Payment in Full receives a 10% discount. Pay only $128.70 for course. To receive all lessons in one shipment, please add $10.00 for insured mail
To use the time payment plan send in your $15.00 registration fee. We will send you your introduction. When you receive this please fill it out and return with your payment of $15.00 for lesson one. Include your payment of $15.00 with your registration fee and we will ship your first lesson with your introduction material. When you complete a lesson you mail back your quiz with your payment for the next lesson and it is sent to you.
Please note we wait three weeks for personal checks of more than $15.00 to clear. If you don't want to wait, send a Money Order; you're material will be shipped within 48 hours.